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March 2014

The 11, 17 and 24 Gallon Oval
Tanks now come with a
Solid Lid, Blue Interior
and Removable Aeration
and Filtration System
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Starter Kit
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Sunshine Grayline Bait Tank Features


As an option, we offer the following:

The following is a picture of the aeration/oxygen system. You can clearly see the air/oxygen enhancing pump on the plastic pedestal that slides over the pick-up tube. This system can increase the amount of bait being held in the tank by 40% or more.

aeration oxygen

The picture below shows you how to install the air controller in your existing tank. Drill 1 ½ inch hole with flat spade bit, insert controller, hook plastic tubing to needle valve, and then to the base of air/oxygen enhancer pump.

aeration drilled

The clear plastic tube transports air/oxygen to air enhancer pump.

aeration aim

Air/oxygen enhancer pump aimed to the side of the bait tank will control the current. This can be aimed in any direction in tank as shown in these pictures.

air control center

Above shows air control center installed on side of tank and view from bait well entrance.

To install air/oxygen enhancer pump simply remove the intake tube and slip the pedestal bracket over the intake tube. Then slide the bracket down the tube to the top of the skimmer and reconnect the tube to the filter box. Also, please note that the wires to this system will use the same path as the wires for the pump and filter basket.

aeration installation