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March 2014

The 11, 17 and 24 Gallon Oval
Tanks now come with a
Solid Lid, Blue Interior
and Removable Aeration
and Filtration System
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Sunshine Grayline Bait Tank Features

blue interior bait tanks

Molded Filter

blue interior bait tanks

Removable Filter Box

The filter system utilized in the production of the Grayline is unique in several ways:

Greater tank capacity is achieved by placing the filter box in the top of the bait tank. This allows for more bait to be held in the tank.

bait tank filters

The filter box is located beneath the top of the rotationally molded tank above the water line. Placing the filter box under the lid allows for a larger bait access opening.

The quiet Rule™ pump draws the harmful scales and polluted water from the bottom of the tank up through a PVC tube and into the filter box. In the filtering process fresh air is mixed into the water, via a venturi tube, and injected back into the tank.

The single Rule™ brand pump (readily available and well known for its dependability) serves a dual purpose.

1st - a portion of the aerated water is discharged as a 1/2 inch stream over the water in the tank. While the stream is in contact with the atmosphere harmful ammonia gas is released and additional clean air is put into the tank. Ammonia is a by-product of contained bait and is a contributor to early bait death.

2nd - at the same time, a portion of the water flows over a spillway into the filter compartment and down through the multiple filters keeping the water clean.

An additional Aeration/Oxygen infusion is available if desired.