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March 2014

The 11, 17 and 24 Gallon Oval
Tanks now come with a
Solid Lid, Blue Interior
and Removable Aeration
and Filtration System
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Starter Kit
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a new baittank. Be sure to
check out our starter kit.
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Bait Tank Quick Start

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Blue White Filter Material: Talk real nice to your girlfriend or wife and have them cut the Blue White Filter Material quares about 1/4" larger than the black carbon foam. Use 3 layers on top of the carbon foam blue side up and as one gets loaded with scales remove and when you get time wash it out. Make sure to was before second layer gets loaded with scales.

FOAM OFF: A must, Foam Off stops foam from accumulating at the top of your tank. The water in the tank needs to "breathe." This lets the CO2 and amonia escape, which kills bait.

NON-IODINE SALT: 1 cup per 10 gallons of water. Softens water, prevents red nose and allows easier infusion of oxygen in water.

LIQUID CHLORINE REMOVER (LCR): Use one cap or teaspoon per 10 gallons. If you use city or treated water you must remove the chlorine or your bait will quickly die.

SHAD KEEPER: Adds eletrolytes and enhances the oxygen transfer. This lowers bait loss, removes ammonia, stimulates a natural slime coat and helps eep bait frisky. Frisky bait attracks stripers, etc.

BETTER BAIT: Works like Shad Keeper but better for shiners and minnows

HYDROGEN PROXIDE 3%: If you have a hot day or put too many baits in your tank, add 3% hydrogen peroxide - 1oz per 5 galoons. This will saturate your water with oxygen and super charge your bait.

TIP: ** When not under tow or motoring the boat, leave the top of the tank open. This lets the tank "breathe" as bubbles from the aerator brings the Co2 and ammonia to the top to dissipate.